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Vision Fund Drive
Goal $50,000
Please see below!

GOAL $50,000

We are moving forward in the call that is upon this ministry. We just celebrated our 34th Anniversary as a church and remembrance of our Founder, Pastor and Apostle Roger McPhail.

The new fresh Breath of God is upon us. By His grace and love, the Lord has been visiting us every Sunday with His heavy Presence and Glory. People are being healed physically, and in their souls and mind and the prophetic sound of God is calling out to us and proclaimed. Join us!

Our recent guests of Prophets Cindy Jacobs, Torrey Harper, Henry Lopez, and Jim Jorgensen have delivered God’s Word to us for Gateway’s call, See what they prophesied.

Be apart of the innovative ministries of Gateway to reach the costs through your giving.

Please Read through the Prophets' words for Gateway and be Blessed!


November 17, 2023


And the Lord says, “This is going to be a rich wine season”. And the Lord says, “Because Roger is home with Me, I'm going to give you the double”. “And the Lord says’, “I will never leave you, and I will never forsake you. The enemy came in like a flood, he wanted to come in right before I release the mighty Move of God. The enemy is trying to press you out of this territory, but he will not be able to do it, he will not be able. The Lord is saying, “I'm going to keep you here. I gave you this land. This is your inheritance. This doesn't belong to anybody else. It belongs to you. You pioneered the school. You pioneered the church. You pioneered everything I called you to pioneer, says the Lord”.So the Lord says, “Even though it seems Satan has taken tithers and taken people away, I'm going to bring people with money to you because the finances are such a pressure”, but the Lord says, “I am going to bring you what you need. I have people picked out”. The Lord says, “So you're going to pray them in”, but the Lord just wants you to know, “I'm going to do it.” Amen, Amen.I'm going to heal your family too. He takes you right from all the hurt, from everyone and everything that has happened. So, Father, I thank you, Lord, in the name of Jesus. Family restoration. Yes. Thank you, Lord, thank you. Your children, Grandchildren. Not one will be left out says the Lord. Thank you.


January 21, 2024


For the Lord would say to you, “There will be a great revival in this land, and the Lord will use you to be the head of this revival, spreading throughout the United States, accompanied with signs and wonders. You will be there. You will be the heads of this revival in this area here. Many of the churches will come here to see what's happening. There is a great anointing, this great power here”.“And the Lord would say to you, you would see signs and wonders, and many will come to see what's taking place in this place. Here in this church I will do great and mighty things. Bring your sick. Bring those that are ill, and you will see miracles, miracles, and miracles. Many will come to see what's happening here. The River will start here. It will spread throughout the land”, says the Lord. Hallelujah! “Yield to this power. Yield to this, to this movement of God's power in this place”, saith the Lord. 


December 30, 2023


It’s a God thing, not only forward movement, Mama Teresa, but acceleration. He said, “I'm going to cut the time in half”. He says, “This is the year that you're going to see my super added to your natural in a brand new way. He's not only going to cut time in half, He's going to cut cost in half. It's going to be like every time you get ready to do something, heaven's going to get behind it in a brand new way. It's you're going to think about it and it's going to be fully funded. It's going to be fully paid for you.You'll get ready and God says, “There's going to be such an acceleration”. God said, “I'm going to meet you at the halfway point”. I've never heard that before. “I'm going to, - He says, “You’re going to go and make a step, and before you step, I'm already going to be there”. God says, “This would be a year that you won't have to pray for it to happen. You'll step into it. You'll wake up into miracles. You'll wake up to the phone calls, you'll, come to the church and all of a sudden there'll be an unusual favor”. Somebody shout, unusual favor. I feel a swirl, because there's a wind of favor. There's a swirl of the Lord's favor. I smell favor in the atmosphere.God's going to cause remembrance- Remembrance. The Bible says that when Joseph, was getting ready to shift, he was remembered. God says, “You're coming into a season of remembrance”, and God says, “It's not just remembrance of men”, God says, “I'm remembering you. I'm remembering you”. Remembrance - it's not just a thing in the mind. It’s when something's been torn God says, “Every place that has been torn, I'm remembering. I'm putting it back together”. Whoa! Father says, “This will not be the year of the broken heart”. He said, “I'm binding it all together, I'm binding it all together”. Yeah, yeah, yeah “I'm binding it all together. You made it through the worst of it. You've made it through the worst of it. If it was left up to the enemy, it would have killed you months ago. It would have killed you months ago”. Thanks be unto God. I said, but thanks be unto God I said, thanks be unto God. Oh! From crisis to cross over. Happy New Year. Oh come on. Happy New Year.


January 14, 2024


And so, God wants you to have faith. He wants you to come to this place in this spirit of prayer.  Come to this place, believe in God, that you're going to receive a life, that you're going to receive a strengthening, that you're going to receive a refreshing, that you're going to receive words of miracles, words of healings, words of life given to you because God is moving in this time, in this season, like He's never had before, and He's going to move and break things off and He's going to bring forth a new move.


It's going to come all over this place. The Lord says to you, “You don't know how many new people I'm going to bring into this place. I'm going to bring you the abundance of new people, of people that you've never seen before. Then they're going to receive the power, the strength. The blessing of the Lord's Presence of His power”.  He says to you, “I'm going to release this spirit of prayer and it's going to go out and it's going to be manifested and you're going to see God's glory being poured out all throughout this neighborhood, all throughout Brooklyn, all throughout Staten Island, all throughout the boroughs, where you live, where you move, and you will see the glory of what God has called this church to come into”.


You will be in it and you will see it and you will receive the power and the presence of the Lord. Sometimes what we do is, we look for God's plan before we look for God. When we look to God first, then He gives us His plan, then He gives us what He wants to do”.


We have to seek God first. Many people plan for themselves outside of the Holy Spirit and God cannot move unless people listen.  In His Presence and they perceive what He's saying, what He's doing. There's a Presence of God that's falling on this house. That's His glory. He's falling on this house. He's called you at this time to listen.


He's called you in these next six months to stay in the Presence of the Lord for His glory. Stay in the repentance mode. Stay in the liberating mode that God is going to structure you in, and then He's going to give you His strategy, His plan, and He's going to pour out His glory. He's going to fill this house with His glory, with His fire, with His power.


And all of you will know that you are in God's will that you are in His plan, that you're in His purpose, that you're in what He wants you to do, and you're going to flow in there. You're going to move, and then you're going to minister in the power and the glory. The Lord says to you, “That I'm going to shift this whole area and you're going to see the glory of God”.


The Lord says to you, ‘You need to be patient and wait and I will do it. I will deposit it. l will bring it. I will bring it forth and it will come in such power, in such richness and such fullness like you've never, ever experienced before. You will see it and it will be deep. Deep calls to deep. There will be deep water and the water will flow in this place.


There will be a River of God here that will never leave, and the Lord says to you, “No matter what anybody tries to do, what anybody's plans are, they will be thwarted by the Holy Spirit. They will be thwarted by His power, by His presence, and He will be lifted up and He will give this church a greater influence then it has never had before”.


“There will be a greater movement and I will bring the people that I want, that I have called in here”.  The Lord says to you, “You are moving in God now. You're moving in His presence now, and His power will fall, His glory will fall, and there will be a strengthening. There will be an encouragement. There will be a blessing you cannot contain”.


“You will come into a time of blessing, where the water will rise and the strengthening of God who is in you and people in your family that have never received the Lord will receive the Lord. People who have never received healing will receive healing. They will receive miracles. They will receive the power of God.


"There is going to be a move of God like the Book of Acts, and I'm going to impart that and give that to you if you will continue to wait and be strengthened by your pastor, by your pastors”. The Lord says to you, 'it is time of strengthening. I'm strengthening everybody that I am getting ready".


"You will see mountains move. You will see rough waves, road blocks be pushed back. You will see the glory come forth”.  The Lord says to you, “that He gives you that strength to go forth, and there’s a new strength coming on the church.  The Lord says to you, “You will function in a new strength, in My strength and My provision of glory”.


"You're going to push back darkness, oppression, pain and God is going to give you a strength like you never had before. This strength is coming from heaven. It's coming from His Hands. It's coming from Him. And so God is drawing people to this house, now, He's drawing people to this house. This is a time of drawing. There's a time of people receiving this repentance, this refreshing that the Lord gave to them”.


His strengthening is the empowerment to go forth, and God is saying to you, you receive this word from the Lord God is saying to you, He’s giving you His strength.  I pray that everybody receive this word that I gave from Holy Spirit and Lord God.


Our mission is to influence cities and nations…

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… Matthew 28:19

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